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Image of The Original Alter Destiny T-Shirt
$21.00 USD

The Original Alter Destiny T-Shirt

Alter Destiny was Sun Ra's term for whatever is NEXT in a grand, sweeping way. It is an idea that outstrips our basic ability to anticipate or predict. Alter Destiny might be considered a tool kit -- a term that facilitates a conversation about survivable futures that does not collapse into a sales pitch for networks, apps, and gadgets. Alter Destiny implies a NOETIC (r)evolution, a refreshing of human consciousness, a reactivation of human potential, and a phase of human evolution in which we will (gladly) outgrow the racism, sexism, greed, and other violent tendencies that have scarred this miraculous blue planet.
Are YOU ready?

Ghost designed by: Peter Chonga Lee

White lettering on a black 100% cotton shirt.
All sizes available upon request. Send note with order if you don't see your size in the options (we can get more Xs to go w/your L).
L(arge) is our default.